Seven Days to Play
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Each week, a game genie (Sam) and a game weenie (Edwin) challenge each other to play a new mobile game

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    Campfire Cooking

    We toast our marshmallows in the puzzler Campfire Cooking

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    We get our quiz on with HQ - the live trivia game

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    We punch and kick out way through the "arcade clicker" PPKP

  6. Thumb 1507516613 artwork


    We flick our way through the arcade action game Drag'n'Boom

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    Thimbleweed Park

    We point-and-click our way through the adventure game, Thimbleweed Park

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    Egg, Inc.

    We incrementally make our way through the clicker-game, Egg, Inc.

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    Pigeon Wings

    We take to the skies with the side scrolling racing game Pigeon Wings

  10. Thumb 1504974126 artwork

    Vista Golf

    We go 3D golfing with Vista Golf

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