Seven Days to Play
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Each week, a game genie (Sam) and a game weenie (Edwin) challenge each other to play and review a new mobile game.

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    Doom 2

    This week, we attempt to bring out the BFG in Doom 2 by id Software/Bethesda.

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    Sky: Children of the Light

    This week, we play Sky: Children of the Light, the latest exploration game from thatgamecompany.

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    Cat Condo 2

    This week, we merge cats to get new ones in the active clicker Cat Condo 2 from Zepni.

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    Dr. Mario World

    This week, we fight off fever and chill in Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Dr. Mario World.

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    Dota Underlords

    This week, we delve into the world of auto-chess with Dota Underlords from Valve.

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    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    This week, we actually get to play a Harry Potter game on platform 9 ¾ with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite by Niantic.

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    Toon Blast

    This week, we use our fingers to blast toons in Toon Blast by Peak.

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    This week, we play the peristalsis simulator, KIDS by Playables.

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    Zombie Night Terror

    This week, we micromanage zombies in Zombie Night Terror by Plug In Digital.

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    The Gardens Between

    This week we play time based puzzler, The Gardens Between from The Voxel Agents.

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