Seven Days to Play
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Each week, a game genie (Sam) and a game weenie (Edwin) challenge each other to play and review a new mobile game.

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    This week, we play the color block based puzzler from Ian MacLarty.

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    Rest in Pieces

    This week, we swing our way through the dark runner, Rest in Pieces by Itatake.

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    This week, we play the “digital boardgame” Armello by League of Geeks.

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    Funky Restaurant

    This week, we toss food things into food holes in Funky Restaurant from Digital Melody Games.

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    Ares Virus

    This week, get quizzed on bug whacking in this Zombie top-down RPG game, Ares Virus from Qcplay Limited.

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    Sentinels of the Multiverse

    This week, we assemble our best decks in this boardgame-to-mobile-game, Sentinels of the Multiverse from Handelabra Games.

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    The Stillness of the Wind

    This week, we hear the best foley work for goat milking in The Stillness of the Wind from Lambic Studios.

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    Golf Zero

    This week, we avoid buzzsaws and encounter bullet time in golfing platformer, Golf Zero from Colin Lane Games. AB.

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    Alien: Blackout

    This week, we pucker up our colons by playing Alien Colon Blackout from D3Go.

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    Star Trek Fleet Command

    This week we engage with cock fighting starships in Star Trek Fleet Command by Scopely.

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