Seven Days to Play
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Each week, a game genie (Sam) and a game weenie (Edwin) challenge each other to play and review a new mobile game.

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    Kami 2

    This week, we play the origami influenced puzzle game, Kami 2 from State of Play.

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    Brawl Stars

    This week, we play the multiplayer shooter Brawl Stars, the latest game from Supercell.

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    Game of the Year 2018

    We look back on the 49 games we played in 2018 but only one can be crowned GOTY 2018

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    Wall Kickers

    This week we endlessly wall jump in Wall Kickers from Kumobius.

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    Kingdom Rush Vengeance

    This week, Edwin plays his first tower defence game with Kingdom Rush Vengeance from Ironhide Game Studios.

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    BitLife - Life Simulator

    This week we live our best lives through BitLife - Life Simulator from Candywriter.

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    Fidel Dungeon Rescue

    This week we play Fidel Dungeon Rescue, the rewindable rogue-like from Daniel Benmergui.

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    PAKO Forever

    This week we avoid getting busted from the police in PAKO Forever from Tree Men Games.

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    This week we shoot and jump our way through the platforming shoot-em-up with SHUMP from Alex Johansson.

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    Stardew Valley

    This week, we cultivate turnips and friendships in the dating/farming sim Stardew Valley from Concerned Ape.

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