Seven Days to Play

Seven Days to Play

Each week, a game genie (Sam) and a game weenie (Edwin) challenge each other to play a new mobile game

  1. Thumb 1504974126 artwork

    Vista Golf

    We go 3D golfing with Vista Golf

  2. Thumb 1504475626 artwork

    Miracle Merchant

    We play the solitaire game Miracle Merchant

  3. Thumb 1503806008 artwork

    Silly Walks

    This week we played Silly Walks

  4. Thumb 1503245093 artwork
  5. Thumb 1502552975 artwork


    This week we played Linelight

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  7. Thumb 1501424463 artwork

    Yankai's Peak

    This week we played Yankai's Peak

  8. Thumb 1500865121 artwork

    A Planet of Mine

    This week we played A Planet of Mine

  9. Thumb 1500865144 artwork


    This week we played Bowmasters